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Who’s sick of winter? 

You can’t see it, but my hand is up in the air.  Well, not really.  I mean, come on.  But what’s real is this.  On Friday night into Saturday until about 5:00 it came down here in Chicago.  Our forecasted two to four inches turned out to be more like eight.  Can I just say, thank god I have four-wheel drive, or I’d be eating stale crackers or something.  I should know better than to let the food supply dwindle in the winter.

Thankfully it stopped in time to actually meet some friends for a night of drinks.  Well drinks for them.  I’m detoxing.  Until Friday anyway.  That’s when I’m going to a place called Martini Park.  And if you think I’m going somewhere called Martini Park and not having at least one martini, you don’t know me very well.

Chicago currently sits in the midst of a blizzard warning.  Ack!  That’s going to add another who knows how much snow to the mix.  And also, it’s supposed to be something like -9 F later this week.  Oy.  It makes it hard to keep a date, have the dinner with friends you’d planned or celebrate a birthday, that’s for sure.

Winter, I’m so over you! You’re really cramping my style.


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Despite my plans, I’ve remained rather quiet of late.  I’m trying to sort a lot of things out, personally, professionally.  And for some reason, even though this blog used to be a tool for that sorting, it somehow isn’t serving that purpose any more.  So, some days I think of taking a break.  Going on hiatus if you will.  Given my activity lately, I’m pretty much halfway there. 

With a lot of things lately, I’m confused and uncertain.  Do I want to leave Chicago or not?  Where would I go?  Why have some things turned out one way and others completely different?  Am I just bored?  Do I need a vacation?  And to top it off: why? why? why?  Lots of why.  And one more thing I just don’t know right now: to blog or not to blog.  That is the quesiton.  Bear with me while I find the answer.

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My heart hurts.

I feel stupid and hurt and used and just all around crappy.

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John McCain, could you be any more obvious with your VP pick? I mean seriously. And you criticize what you call Obama’s lack of experience?

I used to think you weren’t so bad and I could deal with you. Not so much. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit, to be frank.

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Two months ago, I moved.  Yes, yes, it’s not news.  But here’s some.  I got a letter from the management company that it’s time to renew my lease…Wha-at?!  You may be wondering.  Yeah, that was pretty much my reaction too.

Technically, I am subleasing my apartment from a girl (who likes bunnies, as you may recall) who signed a six month lease that ends September 30.  So, my lease ends September 30.  Now, when I went to sign my lease, I was quite surprised, as I thought I’d be signing a year-long lease.  The woman at the management company said that I’d be able to sign another six month lease and my rent wouldn’t go up since they’d set the rent for the year, and this lease took over the first six months of that year.  Everyone with me?

So imagine my surprise when not only has the rent gone up $50 a month but it says I have to sign a one-year lease.  Obviously I will be calling them in, oh five minutes, but unfortunately I didn’t get that lease guarantee in writing. 

It’s not that I don’t like my apartment; it’s not that I want to move again.  It’s just that I don’t LOVE it, and I’ve only been there two months.  I’m just getting setttled in and even though I knew the lease ended in September, I didn’t think I’d have to make a decision (one that is for a whole nother year and not six months) so soon. 

I don’t care so much about the $50 either.  It’s more the time.  This apartment was never meant to be long-term.  If it were, I’d have gone with one that had a dishwasher, a less cramped bathroom, a garbage disposal.  And now, I’m stumped.  Cause, I’m not staying for another year.

So keep your fingers crossed that I can get a shorter lease.  Or come October, I might have nowhere to go on the cooling Chicago streets.  And nobody wants that.

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Yeah, I got nothing.

I dunno y’all.

Bear with me.

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The One With the Paradox

I’m feeling down.  Moving turned out to be more expensive than I thought.  But these things have a tendency to work out somehow.  I’m telling myself that.  But to cap it off, Best Friend just sent me an email saying that my iPod is not at her place (aka my old place).  And now, I really have no idea where it could be.

It’s not in the bag I could have sworn I put it in. It’s not in my car.  It’s not at my old apartment.  It’s not in the nightstand, the desk or any of my suitcases. 

What’s more, I don’t remember seeing it all weekend as I packed/unpacked. 

So, on top of the money woes, the tiredness from the moving setting in (and the girls who decided 2:30 in the morning was a great time to talk, loudly, in the courtyard below my window) and hunger (it is almost lunch time) the missing iPod is making me feel down.

Know what I do when I am feeling down at work?  I listen to my iPod…

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