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Lately, I’ve been thinking about trying new things, broadening my horizons, meeting new people.  So I have been wanting to take a class of some kind, and now it seems I can afford it.  That means the new questions is, where the hell do I start?  A class in what, exactly?

Dance? Music? Painting? Photgraphy?  I want it to be somewhat social, creative and of course fun.  Anybody have any suggestions?


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Story time.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. This girl grew up in a middle class home where she always just understood she would go to college. So she did. And even though she got a scholarship, a grant, and some help from her parents, she had to take out a small loan. But it was ok, because she ended up owing a lot less than other people her age. So she took it in stride, and was very grateful. And like a good little girl whose mother was an accountant and taught her to never, ever ruin her credit, she made all of her payments and everyone was happy.

Then the girl decided to do something she hadn’t thought of doing when she was little. “I’m going to graduate school!” she cried. But alas, graduate school was more expensive than regular college. The girl also had to pay her rent and buy food, and she was what the government called an “independent.” So she had to take out a much bigger loan and tell the nice people with her little loan that she couldn’t pay them for a year. That was ok with them.

A year later the girl graduated with her Master’s degree in journalism. But she did not want to be a journalist. So she took an internship, and that became a job. Then it came time to pay back the big loan. She asked the people who gave her her college loan, the A Group, if the might pay back that loan plus her graduate school loan, which came from the F Group. In return, she would pay them back over 20 years, which kind of freaked the girl out because she’d be close to 50 before she was done paying for all that education. But she sucked it up.

The A Group cautioned the girl to keep paying her loan to the F Group until the consolidation went through. And since she was the girl whose mother taught her to take good care of her credit score, she did. And she sent the F Group $281, which cleared the bank on December 27. And then on December 28, The A Group’s money went to the F Group. So the girl thought, “Hmmm, I sent them $281, and then the A Group sent them all sorts of money–including the $281. There should be a refund.” Because she was a smart girl. She did, after all, go to graduate school–which got her into this mess in the first place.

So she called the F Group and said “What gives? Do I get a refund? Or are you going to send it to the A Group.” And The F Group said it would go to the A Group. Only it never did. And the girl called the F Group many times. And finally they said they sent a check on January 17. So the girl let it go.

But she had to keep making payments. And the $281 credit was never applied to her loan. On February 21, the A Group said they had no record of the money. The girl was pissed. She spent more than an hour on the phone with the A Group and the F Group. No one knew where her money was.

She began to suspect someone was lying to her. It made her very angry. She unleashed a very snippy attitued with the F Group, which she rarely does. Usually she is a nice person. And she is an honest person who is actually quite a terrible liar. Which frustrated her more.

She tried very hard not to cry, which she does when she gets frustrated, not to mention when she is missing $281. In fact she was so upset that her very nice boss bought her candy to try to cheer her up.

So where is this $281? No one quite knows. But according to the F Group, the girl can’t get copies of the alleged check because “it’s not her money.” So, for the time being, it remains a mystery.

What will the girl do? What can she do?

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My friend Christina needs your help for something she is working on for school.  So if you can leave a comment answering the following question, I know she would appreciate it.  Ready…

“Does blogging change the way you think or behave? How so?”

And now for some questions of my own…Does it really matter which ear I wear the iPod earbuds in?  Will it sound different if I wore the left one in my right ear and vice/versa?  Why don’t they come in sizes?  Cause mine are too big for my ears…Does it really matter if the chicken or the egg came first?  Is today’s warm weather sticking around?

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Beginning of the End

But in a good way. Tomorrow is the first day of my last quarter of grad school. It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since I left my job and went back to school. A lot has happened in that year. Some of it good (new friends, publication) and some of it not-so-good (stress, seeing some friends less, stress). But in the end, I decided it was worth it to me to stay in the program and soon, I will begin to reap the benefits.

This past week, I have been meeting with people in the PR/corporate communications industry and I am hoping to join it in June. I’m excited to study some PR courses this quarter, and I’m very excited to enter the working world again, in this industry.

I’m also really excited for spring. It was really warm today. I think Kendra sent the warm weather. My windows are open to a nice breeze right now and I’m thinking of spring: pedicures, outdoors, daffodils, white wine, warm weather, the sun. We’re planning a spectacular spring. So, with the end of a rather quiet week comes some exciting beginnings.

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Blood In My Mouth

“There’s blood in my mouth cause I’ve been biting my tongue all week.”~Rilo Kiley, Portions for Foxes


I have the worst habit of not sticking up for myself. I was that way for a long time–pretty much my entire life. And then I swung to another extreme once I began to feel a little empowered in college. Before I knew it, I was always speaking up, especially at my last job. In my department, I was the one who spoke up while my coworkers just complained and gossiped. Like when my male boss decided it would be a good idea to date my female coworker and wanted us all to be ok with it. But it wasn’t ok, and I was the only one to speak up. I got to a good balance in the work setting before I left–the hierarchy and a much better new boss helped.

But now I am regressing back to where I was. And when the time comes to speak up, as it did this past week as I worked on a group project worth 50% of my grade, I doubt and question and wonder. I seek out other people as a sort of barometer to see if it’s ok that I feel pissed or annoyed. And even when every single one of them said it was, I didn’t speak up. It felt too late to do anything. It felt uncertain to me if I should still say that if someone who didn’t do their part of the project didn’t like how I did it when I stayed up until 2:00 in the morning the night before it was due, he should do his work next time and oh, bite me.

I found myself unable to speak when confronted with control freaks. I didn’t even tell someone it was not ok to call me at 11:30 Friday night and then again at 8:30 Saturday morning. I kept silent. I felt worse. Then I felt worse for keeping silent. And while I am over it now, because the entire experience is (happily, luckily) over, I do wonder why I didn’t say anything. I wonder how I went from one extreme of total silence to the other of not shutting up and now am in a gray area. And I realize I do that in a lot of other areas.

All I can do now is resolve the following: speak up next time, have faith and confidence in myself, value myself enough to speak up. So the next control freak who decides I am not smart or whatever better watch out. Cause I know better. I was voted smartest in my eighth grade class. And damned if I won’t live up to that.

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Things that I am not: blonde, a daddy’s girl, extravagant, a lover of nature. And it is that last one that brings me to write this post today, that made my friend C exclaim she wished she’d had a camera last week. She knew it was the only time she’d ever see me in a flannel, outdoorsy look. Sorry C, that ship has sailed.

It all began with our final projects in one of my magazine classes. We were supposed to analyze a genre of magazines and my group got “adventure.” Assigning me adventure magazines that center on backpacking, surfing and nature is like assigning Paris Hilton The Economist. And so, I read, I researched, I analyzed. Then I met with my group at which point someone suggested dressing up like our readers. Hey, it was a great idea and in the end it helped us get an “A.” My only concern was that I didn’t have any of the required gear.

First, it was decided I should be a backpacker. “I don’t have a backpack,” I countered…and I should wear hiking boots (don’t have those either). Then we thought maybe I could be a birdwatcher. But I had to borrow some binoculars. Someone suggested I could wear a flannel shirt. “I don’t have a flannel shirt either,” I said. Whereupon the other girls in my group just kind of stared at me. They had in their number a rock climber and a backpacker.

I simply shrugged my shoulders and said “You don’t understand how utterly, completely removed from this my reality is.” And it’s true. My ideal weekend includes restaurants, parties, movies, music and/or shopping. It means manicures and tea, Michigan Avenue and a wine bar. It means people, cars, noise and action. It does not include camping, hiking, nature, animals or dirt. It does include indoor plumbing. ALWAYS AND EVERYDAY THERE SHALL BE INDOOR PLUMBING.

Which reminds me of the following conversation I had on a recent first date. Me: “I don’t camp.” Him:”You’d like my kind of camping. We sit around the fire and drink…” Me, hopefully thinking there may be cabins involved:”Does your camping have indoor plumbing?” Him:”No.” Me:”Oh.” End of conversation because neither of us really knew where to go from there.

So, in the end I borrowed a hat, a flannel and binoculars, made myself a bird-watching button and called myself “Cathy” the bird-watcher. And as soon as the presentation was over I switched from the flannel to a cardigan and Cathy is gone forever. Never to return.

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I know I have been a bad blogger this week. I’m very sorry. Finals have begun and I have been so busy and SO tired. I’ve missed my trips to the gym. I’ve been running financial investment scenarios. I’ve been dressing up as a bird-watcher to give a presentation. I’ve been going to meetings. I’ve been really tired.

Promise a post to come on me as a bird-watcher, why I quit match.com for now, and other stuff in the life of me. Just as soon as some of this stuff in the life of me calms down a bit. Because we all know I just can’t leave you all forever.

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