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The theme for today’s post is: miscellany.

On Thursday, I left the house in a rush so I kind of swept a pair of earrings into my bag, figuring I’d put them on at work.  Around noon I finally remembered to.  I almost always wear earrings, but not when I’m sleeping.  Anyway, I put in my faux diamond studs and noticed about midway through the afternoon that my left ear felt really irritated.  Warm, itchy, anyone with pierced ears probably knows what I’m talking about.

I reached up to kind of rub my ear and felt, below the earring, the hole my left earring goes in.  But let me back up.  In high school, I got a second hole put in each ear.  My senior year I added a third to my left ear.  So in that year and in the beginning of college I had three earrings in my left and two in my right.  Follow?

Senior year of college, I decided that the whole three earrings on one side, two on the other wasn’t so professional.  So I stopped wearing the third earring.  Now I was at two per year.  I’m not sure when exactly I decided that maybe multiple earrings just weren’t for me so I stopped wit the second holes, but I’m pretty sure it was within my first year out of college.  Now, normally if you don’t put anything in a piercing it closes up.  I thought that was the case.  Or at least, I would have thought that after five or six years, it would take some force to get an earring in my ear, other than my “regular” piercing which I’ve had since I was five.    Now my ear is really irritated.  Not surprising since I have apparently re-pierced it.  Also, how weird must I have looked with my earrings all off balance?

For some reason, my blog isn’t feeding into bloglines.  It hasn’t since Dec. 22.  I tried to contact them but they aren’t being responsive.  I wish there was a way to tell bloglines subscribers I am still posting, and apologize, but without the feed working, I’m afraid I’m in one of those rock/hard place situations on this.  So if anyone knows of any bloggers thinking I’m on some sort of hiatus again, please let them know I’m not.  It’s bloglines…

Oh, and when I say you can ask me anything, I mean it.  Any time too, we don’t have to be playing that game.  So, no need to run searches or capture pages on topics that have intrigued you.  Let’s say you’re a reader who for whatever reason, has chosen not to comment, but something piqued your interest.  If there’s something you want to know or say, speak up.  Ok?

Now a favorite game of mine.  No, no.  Not Ask me Anything.  Instead, search engine fun.  So here you go–my response to the search terms leading people to my blog, according to wordpress stats.

“i’m 30 and i don’t own a house”—Yeah, join the club.  No but really, I understand how that is frustrating.  It’s one of those things where it seems like life isn’t shaping up the way you always wanted.  Maybe it brings you down a bit.  It does me sometimes.  But I try to remind myself how lucky I am to have a place of my own to live, even with all it’s problems like only having one closet in the entire place or mice, I’m lucky to have a roof over my head, a place to stay warm and dry and with food in the kitchen.

Plus, I can pretty much guarantee that some 30 year old homeowner out there wants something that you have. As I tend to say, the girls with curly hair want straight hair, and the girls with straight hair want curly.  That’s my version of the grass is always greener.    So there you go.

“4 glasses of wine a night” – A night?!  Four glasses?!  That’s like a bottle a night.  I don’t want to sound all judgey, but maybe some help is in order.  If you’re drinking a bottle of wine every night, I’m just saying… Give your liver a break.  For real, get some help. I won’t deny that there have been a few (stress on the few) nights where I drank a bottle of wine by myself.  But not every night.

“places to run away to” – No, no, no!  Please, unless you’re being abused or neglected, don’t run away.  Even if you are, please get help or seek out a friend or family member to stay with.  But please, don’t run away.  In my experience problems follow you until you deal with them.  Either way, you need to get help for yourself.  Please.  See my previous post on this.

“my uncle demands an apology from me” – Well, without knowing the situation—why he demands an apology, and for what, I can’t really say much on that subject.  But in my experience demanding an apology for any reason is guaranteed to not get you one.  Or, maybe Prudie can help.

“unable to match you at this time” – Someone signed up for e-Harmony!  hang in there.  They’ll have matches for you soon.  That’s what happened with me.

And finally, I’m steeling from Willikat on this next one.  I’ve been in a pretty good mood, overall, in 2009.  But between things in Israel and Oakland, to name just a few, it’s possible we all need some cheering up.  Here’s a list of songs that lift my spirits.  Songs that make it hard not to smile or have a spring in my step.  And if, after  hearing them, I’m still crying or raging or otherwise unhappy, I know it really is not good.

  • Kodachrome by Paul Simon
  • Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes
  • La-Ti-Da by the Icicles
  • Rudie Can’t Fail by The Clash
  • Send Me on My Way by Rusted Root
  • Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da by the Beatles
  • Oxford Comma by Vampire Weekend
  • Valerie by the Zutons
  • Ruby by Kaiser Chiefs
  • Good Morning, Good Morning by the Beatles
  • Flathead by the Fratellis
  • Catch My Disease (That’s the Way I Like It) by Ben Lee
  • The Underdog by Spoon
  • Domino by Van Morrison
  • All Cause of You by The 88

What songs are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face?


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There is this thing in the city of Chicago–and I’m sure in other cities of snowy climes–where certain street are designated as snow routes.  So if it snows a certain amount, you can’t park on them, lest you get towed. My understanding is that this is for the snow plows to get through and/or emergency vehicles.  I live on just such a street.  This weekend, I parked on said street.

This morning I checked the weather report but was assured that it wouldn’t start snowing til late afternoon/this evening.  So I went to the el and to work.  Then I checked Facebook and saw multiple statuses (stati?) about the snow that was a-falling.  And my afternoon went from hectic to just plan crazy.

My boss is a great boss.  She let me work from home one day while I waited for the mice exterminators.  Today, she let me leave to move my car before it was too late, provided it wasn’t already too late.  I made it just in time to unearth my snow-covered lump and move it to a side street.  Crisis averted.  Sigh of relief.

And speaking of snow, did anyone catch How I Met Your Mother last night?  My home state got some mad props when Marshall (Minnesotan) took Robin (Canadian) to a Minnesota-themed bar to help her feel a little more at home.  They drink beer from Bemidji and mourn the ’99 NFC championship gone awry.  But they don’t like non-Minnesotans (so untrue!) and Robin has to lie.

After much purple pride, a joke about Robin thinking there is a Rashad Tarkenton, and many jokes about Canadians being afraid of the dark (sidenote: really?  I haven’t heard that one.  It’d be unfortunate seeing as how it gets pretty dark up north this time of year) Robin is outed as a Canadian and asked to leave.  Wherein she commences on a speech about how accepting Canadians are, and how nice and how they gave us  Trivial Pursuit. Um yes, and we thank you.  But can you please take Nickelback back?  You so owe us there.

All in all, that was some good TV.  I’m down with laughing at Minnesota.  I love the movie Fargo, dontcha know?

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ABC’s of music meme.  Pretty self-explanatory, really.

Some favorite artists, alphabetically. And some I just had to choose.  I’ll let you decide which those are 😉




Death Cab for Cutie

Ella Fitzgerald

Foo Fighters

G. Love and Special Sauce


Indigo Girls

Josh Ritter


Local H

Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s


Ok Go!




Snow Patrol

Talking Heads


Van Morrison

White Stripes

X….  Yeah I got nothing here.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs


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Who Are You?

When I was in college, my roommate was a psychology major.  That means I got experimented on a lot.  Nothing dangerous mind you.  We aren’t talking Baby Albert or anything like that.  We’re talking the occassional test.  I’m not sure I was a good subject.  This is how my mind works.  As I’m taking the test, I wonder what they’re trying to figure it out.  Well, I’m a smart girl (and so modest too).  So I would usually figure out what they were testing for and adjust my answers accordingly.  One time, I sat in the dining hall (because at a women’s college, we do not have cafeterias) at the tail end of a meal and as we finished the test I asked “You were testing for blah, blah, blah weren’t you?”  I don’t remember any more what it was.  “Yes. Damn it,” was essentially her response.

Once my roommie decided to try to break me of my habit  of biting my nails.  Or more appropriately, the dry, always cracking skin around my nails and my cuticles.  She sort of succeeded.  And by that I mean she managed to get me to stop just long enough for the experiment. In order to distract myself from biting my nails, I began to play this game called Snood.  A lot.  Like so often, I could see the little Snood faces in my sleep.  So part of her report was that I replaced one compulsive behavior with another.  And I wonder why I’m single.

We probably do that a lot.  Replace a habit with another.  So, when I refrained from blogging for a month, I needed an online fix elsewhere.  I also, post-dumping, needed as much support as I could find.  And so, to fill the voids I turned to Facebook.  You may remember that my friends here in Chicago thought it’d be so funny to make a page for me.  Whatever.  I may be using it, but I still don’t like that “joke.”  So I reactivated it and now, I’m a Facebook fanatic.  Which is exactly why I’d resisted in the first place.  I know my weaknesses.

I pose this question to Facebook users far and wide: what do you do when someone friends you and you have no flippin’ idea who they are?  It feels rude to say no.  But if you aren’t sure who they are, then what?

Witness this conversation my friend and I had this fall.

Her: Do you know who Jane Doe (not her real name) is?

Me: No!  But she’s friends with people we know…I was going to ask you.

Her: I  have no idea who she is.

A few weeks later, Jane Doe asks to friend me.  And of the friends we have in common, my friend is listed.  I friended this Jane Doe.  Because like I said, if you don’t know who they are, what do you do?  I am not a rude person.  So much so that people have insulted me or said or done some really inappropriate things and for some reason I stick around.  Because I think not offending them or making other people uncomfortable is more important than my own sensitibilities or comfort.  But that’s a whole nother post.

Then I was talking to my friend on the phone one night.  “Did you figure out who Jane Doe is?”

“No,” she replied.  “I just didn’t want to be rude.”

So Facebookers, what do you do when someone you don’t know wants to be your friend?  I accept.  And that’s cool.  Because I connected with some nice people.  I’ve learned well that online buddies can be pretty awesome, really supportive, and can turn out to be a really good friend.  All through the magic of my original online obsession–blogging.

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Ok, who watched 90210 last night?  Come on, admit it.  You did.

I did.  I was stangely drawn into before I left to go have dinner at Best Friend’s.  So much so that I had to watch it when I got home, despite my drooping eyelids and pounding head.

My verdict: Not as good as the original, not too bad, but two hours was a bit much to take.

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Last week as Best Friend, her boyfriend and I headed home from celebrating Best Friend’s last day of work (she is off to grad school for three years), her sister sent her a text. Best Friend’s sister is a junior in college. The text congratulated her and ended with a command to “go get krunked.” Best Friend laughed and laughed more at the idea her boyfriend raised about him or me using the word “krunked.”

Yesterday at brunch Best Friend told the story adding that it’s what kids are saying today. Which got us all talking about what, exactly, the slang is that kids are saying today. “They don’t say cool,” Best Friend offered.

“Really?” I asked.

The Nurse added that “cool” isn’t cool anymore.

“What do they say?” Sixth Degree asked, after agreeing that “cool” is only cool for us children of the 80’s and early 90’s.

“Rad?” I offered jokingly. Hey, maybe it has made its comeback. Then in seriousness I added, “Do they say things are awesome? Or does that make us old too?”

No one knew. Later in the afternoon, after heading out to watch the air and water show, as Sixth Degree and I waited for the train, we began to wonder about it again. And she and I agreed that I should blog about it and see if anyone out there knows. So if you do know, what the hell are kids saying today? How do you say “cool” without sounding lame? And for that matter, how do you say something is lame?

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Sometimes, you just stumble on a video that brings it all back. A great scene from a great movie; it made me smile on a tough morning.

Update: It always makes me smile, and my day improved a lot come late morning.

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