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Tell Me Why

Ruby asked: You win an all expenses paid trip…where are you going? And who are you taking with you?

Well I am going to start by answering the second question first.  I am clearly taking My Guy with me.  And we’re going somewhere romantic and beachy.  So I’m thinking somewhere in the Mediterranean.  I am a pretty diplomatic person, so I’d like to hear why he’d like to go, but I’m thinking somewhere in Italy, Greece or Southern France.  Or, there is always the possibility of Australia/New Zealand.

Jessica asked: Who is your favorite co-worker that blogs?

Nothing like fishing for a compliment Jess.

Christina asked multiple questions about My Guy:

1) What do you like best about him? I like a lot of things about him obviously.  His smile.  That he makes me laugh.  His laid-back attitude.  That he doesn’t play games.  What I like best though is that he has ALWAYS made me feel comfortable and taken care of, from the very beginning.

2) What has surprised you about the relationship? I think in some respects, the relationship itself surprised me.  A simple coffee date turned into a lot more.  And while it’s most welcome and I’m grateful and extremely happy that it did become more, I’d be lying if I said I had that expectation when I ventured out in the snow one evening for a latte with a guy who’d sparked my interest.

3) Name one quality he possesses that you never thought would characterize your boyfriend. Hmmm, that’s tricky.  In all honesty, I didn’t assign too many specific attributes to this abstract “guy I’d date,” before meeting My Guy.  I just wanted someone who was attractive and funny and cared about me.  And I got it.

4) When will you post a picture? One is forthcoming.  I just snapped a great photo recently.

Tinsie asked: What’s the last film you watched, and the last book you read? Did you like them? The last film I watched in the theater was Milk; the last I watched in entirety (not just snippets here and there on TV or something) was The Secret Life of Bees.  The last book I read was The Reader.  I liked Milk and The Reader.  The Secret Life of Bees (movie) was ok, but nothing to rush out and see.

Alice asked: Do you think you’re in the “right” career for you? If not, what would your ideal job field be? Yes, I do.

Kilax asked:If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only have 3 foods there, what would they be? Chocolate, pizza, potatoes.

Dave Q asked:

How do you feel about the Designated Hitter rule? I grew up rooting for an American League team (go Twins!) but I have to say the DH rule is such a cop out.  It just ISN’T what baseball should be.  As a concept, I think it’s wrong.

What’s your favorite beer? I don’t drink beer, unless everyone wants me to vomit.  I drink cider, and my favorite is Woodchuck.  I am intrigued by Guinness and wish I could try it without risk of being sick.  Damn hops.

Of the first 6 commenters, who would you least want to hear sing? I have absolutely no idea.  Especially because I do not know what half of them sound like.

Claire asked: What’s your favourite swearword? Fuck.  It’s extremely versatile.

Anisa asked: Do you have a “favorite day?” A day that you look back on and think, gosh – that might’ve been the best day of my life. I’ve had a lot of good days; a majority of my days have been, luckily for me.  I guess I’m still waiting for the “best” day.  But I’m ok with that.  It gives me something to look forward to!

And this is for Bluebird:


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What Is the What?

It’s my old standby when my well of creativity is running dry, my time is short or I just don’t know.  Plus it’s a way to keep you all engaged.  And it’s kind of fun for me. Time for another round of Ask Me Anything.

So go ahead.  Ask me anything.  For the most part, I’ll answer as best as I can.

Ready, set, go.

Note: Observant me that I am, I’m anticipating some questions about My Guy.  All questions about him will be answered if he gives his approval.

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Palin Smackdown

If I were locked in a room with Sarah Palin, well it would not be pretty.  One of us might not make it out of there.  I would probably emerge having torn out all of my hair from frustration, and that’s a best-case scenario.  But first things first.  What would I say  “Are you effing kidding me?!”  Then it would go from there and I think a “Maverick this!” would eventually emerge.

About a Boy

I guess it goes back to my original statements a month or so ago: I just don’t know what happened.

This is what I do know: I was involved with someone long distance and two days before I was supposed to visit him, I got an email saying he didn’t think I should come, there was someone else, and he had to say goodbye.  And when I finally got him on the phone, he just didn’t seem like the person I thought I had known. He offered no explanations to it all. That’s how it ended.


I’d un-invent landmines.  So wrong, so destructive, so unnecessary.

Emerald Isle

Of the places I’ve been, my favorite was Ireland.  And ever since my latest trip to Denver, I’ve missed the mountains.


My favorite font is Book Antiqua.  I like Papyrus, but feel like it’s getting overused lately…

Dream Big

I’d like to live abroad some day, maybe in Europe.  If they’d have me, of course…


I hope 29 brings me someone to share 30, 31 and all the other birthdays with.

Cupcakes and Music

I’ll go for a cupcake anytime!  And I think my guilty pleasure would be some of those so-bad-they’re-good 80s bands like Journey or Def Leppard.  Ah, they bring me back.

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I think it’s time for another round of “Ask Me Anything.”  So go ahead.  Ask me anything.  I’ll just wait here while you do…

Done?  Ok, I’ll post answers in the coming days.  Thanks for playing.

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Jenn asked: How many people have told you that you look like Drew Barrymore?

Ironically, a lot.  What’s even more ironic is that recently (maybe in the past month or so) I was asked who would play me in a movie, and Drew Barrymore was my answer.  Because I have heard quite often that I look like her.

In college: “Has anyone ever told you you look like Drew Barrymore?”  That was the first time I heard it.  This was also when I weighed about 30 to 40 pounds more.  I was also told I look like Katie Holmes and Kate Winslet.

In my first months at my second job out of college.  “You know, you sort of look like  Drew Barrymore.”

And weirdest of all, on a cruise in the Caribbean in 2003 one of the members of the crew: “You look like Drew Barrymore.”

I asked Best Friend about it, as she knew me through all of this.  She said she could see it, but couldn’t necessarily pin it down.  She even said it might be a personality thing too.

In honesty, I haven’t heard it quite so much recently.  But I’ve heard it enough to have that answer ready.  “You know who you look like? ”  “Drew Barrymore?”

I’m not sure I see it, so to any readers who have met me in real life, feel free to weigh in.  Why is it that I remind people of Drew Barrymore?

Tack on questions.

Daniel asked: Most important food group (for you)?  and Erin asked: What is your ultimate comfort food?

The answer to both of those questions is: Chocolate.

Daniel also asked: Airlines charging $25 for checked baggage…is the end near?

Airlines, just call it what it is–a fuel surcharge, ok?  And charging for the first bag is a total ripoff.  Someone at work said that she thinks flying is about to become what it was in the 60s and 70s–a luxury.  Not something everybody could do.  I think she’s right.  Unless the oil companies decide they don’t need to make tens of millions of dollars every hour, that is.

And finally from Daniel again:  Do you think John McCain’s wife looks like a Barbie doll?

A Barbie doll that’s seen better days, yeah.  She kind of looks like a Barbie that was left out in the sun, and the face started to melt a bit.  And then in an attempt to fix it, someone pulled the melted face backward and it cooled.  No but really, during the primaries I said to Bluebird and the Nameless Initalless One one night that John McCain had a trophy wife.  They said no, they’ve been married a long time.  And that she isn’t that young.

But here’s the thing–she is 20 years younger than him and he left his first wife for this one after having an affair with her, after having multiple other ones.  That kind of sounds like the original trophy wife to me.  On some level anyway.

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I’ve decided to package together some of the questions about this fair, windy city of mine.

Nilsa asked: What store is your favorite to shop for clothes? Is it different from the store where you wind up buying most of your clothes?

I like to shop at boutiques.  Theoretically, it means that fewer people out there will be wearing what I’m wearing.  Although let’s face it.  I’m so gonna wear it better than most 😉  There is a great one in my old neighborhood called Bazaar, on Paulina and Lincoln.  Great clothes and overall, not too overly priced.  I also like a few of the stores on Belmont including one called Tragically Hip.  Because I can relate.

That said, most of my clothes end up from mass production.  Ann Taylor Loft supplies a huge chunk of my wardrobe, as does Express, because they have jeans that work for me.  So, I want to be alt/indie but in the end, I’m mainstream.  But hey, I’m happy with what I have.

Daniel asked: That silver bean thing in Chicago that people LOVE to photograph – what is its official name?

I believe it is called “Cloud Gate” or something to that effect.  Yep, we like to photo it.  See, this is my arty, black and white shot of it.

He also asked: Do you hold a MN driver’s license or IL?

Illinois.  For the record, I’m also registered to vote in Illinois.

Erin asked: What is your favorite spot in Chicago?

I am a fan of all the public lakefront and Millenium Park.  I like Southport Street.  Lincoln Square is quite growing on me.  And I love Wicker Park/Bucktown.  So, I guess I don’t  have a favorite spot really.

I know, not helpful.  What can I say, I’m one of God’s most indecisive creatures.

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Scarlet asked: If you HAD to move to one of the following countries, which would you choose: Turkey, China or Peru?

Did you ever play that game “Do, Dump, Marry”?  You know, where you’d list three people/celebrities and you just had to pick one to sleep with, one to dump and one to marry?  (Yeah, I know it was pretty self-explanatory).  Well that’s how I feel about this question in a way.

I’d dump China.  No way in hell I’d live in a country where free speech is quashed.  I mean really, if you don’t believe me, I suggest you talk to Scott about being detained by Chinese authorities for taking some pictures.  So, yeah buh-bye China.

I’d “do” Turkey.  I wouldn’t want to commit myself to it, but I’d love to visit.  I heard it is a beautiful country and I’ve seen pictures from Sixth Degree’s recent trip there.  It looked like a great trip, a nice rendezvous to have.  But I don’t know about moving there.

So that leave us with Peru.  One of the reasons I’m most willing to “commit” to Peru is that I sort of speak Spanish.  Sort of in the sense that I took it in high school and college and almost minored in it.  I even got to the point where I’d sometimes think in Spanish.  But after not using it for 7 years or so, the Spanish has slowly seeped out of my brain.  Still, it’d probably come back, right?  Plus Peru is supposed to be gorgeous and while it’s far away from my family, it is, at least in a more similar time zone thus making communication possibly easier.

And I’ll tack on a question that requires a less lengthy post:

Thomas asked: What is the most rebellious thing you did in high school?

Sorry to disappoint, but I was a good girl.  Mostly out of fear.  However it was in high school that I pretty much rebelled against Catholocism, philosophically speaking.  So, there’s that, I guess.

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